Who Are We?

When we started globetrotting individually, little did we do know destiny had a handsome plan for us; two passionate travellers. Our marriage is not only a bond, we celebrate together. It gave us a reason to share our hobbies and grow into full-time travel planners. Miles & Frames is our first baby that is giving us the chance to double our happiness, every time our client tells us,
“Thank you so much, we loved your choices!”
Our joint venture mainly began from our curiosity to visit places that are less known and exceptionally magical. With this enthusiasm, we have explored some of the most unique places in this world, including…..
And we just did not want to stop here. When our friends and families where overwhelmed upon hearing our travel experiences and excitedly glancing our photos, we thought, why not take people for similar, refreshing, out of the ordinary travels.
So here we are today, taking you miles to places and giving you the chance to frame unforgettable moments, one destination at a time. And we shall continue perusing our shared dream for so long, as we forever inspire and create the most rewarding travels, for every special client, longing to live and celebrate their dream.

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