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Get spoilt on the Beaches

If you have not known enough of the chill life in South America, let’s head straight to the beach. Surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific coast, enjoy the great diversity on the top 10 beaches; Montanita will spell bind you with its body and windsurfing opportunities, the Devil’s Tip of Uruguay and seafood treats at Joaquina, there is plenty to do here.

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Colorful Cultures

Dive into the Amazon rainforest and you will be surprised not by the verdant topography, but also the wealth of knowledge imparted by naturalist guides. Across Peru, The Andes and everywhere else, South America gives you a rich taste of local culture be in their vibrant festivals, tribal folklores and ages of traditions, unchanged.

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Into the Wild

If you are someone who enjoys photography, solitude or nature, you would love to venture on our Amazon experience. We are excited to show you some of the most untouched and exotic parts of South America such as the Pantanal- the world’s largest tropical wetland and Gallapagos Islands, renowned for wildlife viewing.

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The Wishlist - Mountains, Deserts and Beaches

Get lost in the whimsical beauty; hike the Andean peak, rustic glacier and volcanic formations stretching to the infamous and the Inca and Machu Pichu. The magnificent beauty of the direst Atacama Desert and the barren salt flats of Salar De Uyuni will inspire you with its endless reflections; the desert oasis of Huacachina invites you to its warm, playful world; the ocher and gray shades of Tatoca deserts. If beaches are your must go, head to the top 10 beaches of Latin America not forgetting Montanita for windsurfing, the Devil’s Tip of Uruguay and seafood treats at Joaquina

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Nostalgic Ruins with a Delight

Even if you are not a great fan of history, the sheer greatness of historical sites, will change your perspective about how you see the ancient world. From the treasure collection of Moasis at Easter Island, to the glorious heights of Machu Pichu in Peru to the Tiahuananco in Bolivia, our words do no justice and it would only be fair if you pay a visit to these magnificent ruins.

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The World of Cuisine

You will never regret traveling to South America and return home disappointed because of the food. For vegetarians, meat and chicken lovers alike, there is plenty to feast on; juicy steaks, delicious empanadas, the famous mate and dulce de leche. The list is endless and all you need to do just keep moving and sourcing the flavorful varieties.

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The Finest of Entertainment

Beyond nature and close to culture, Latin America resembles to the epitome of the joy of life, The colorful carnivals in Brazil, Lima featuring live music venues and theatres, the rich literature and fashion culture of Buenos Aires and the famous city of Havana where you can samba, tango and salsa to your delight!

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